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Welcome Post

Текст: Liliya Rudakova,  25 Марта 2014 ,  Новости
Hello there!

Thanks for dropping by our blog! It´s the very first post, so we will tell you who we are and what YogoMotive blog is going to be about.

We are a small team of Yoga enthusiasts, living in Moscow and Berlin. Who know! Maybe teachers one day!

secret prayer, yogomotive girls

We believe that even a bit of yoga practice has a life-changing potential for all of us, that is why we came up with this very simple app, that is meant to organize your everyday practice.

yoga at home, cross legged

Trying to get an insight into what a yoga teacher or an active practitioner is looking for in an app, we got to know so many amazing people! People who have inspiring stories to tell. We couldn´t resist the temptation of sharing those stories with you guys!

YogoMotive blog is meant to make you smile, inspire for new beginnings and adventures. Here you will find short interviews of yoga teachers and other interesting personalities, for whom yoga is not just a bunch of exercises; extracts from scriptures that we find enlightening; descriptions of impressive activist projects; as well as fun facts about yoga and healthy life style.

Get in touch, if you have something to tell! We can't wait to get to know you!

Peace Love Yoga
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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